Citrine Bottle
Citrine Bottle
Citrine Bottle
Citrine Bottle
Citrine Bottle

Citrine Bottle

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about citrine

Abundance • Manifestation • Good Health • Optimism

Citrine is ideal for speeding up the manifestation process, especially when it comes to manifesting money and good health. Let this translucent gold stone serves as a reminder: all that is meant for you is already yours.

As the current of citrine washes over you, tap into what you truly want and get attuned to the energy of receiving.

As you hydrate throughout your day, turn your sips into tiny intentional practices, moments that remind you that you deserve what you desire.

Always remember, the most essential key to drawing in what you desire is gratitude, never forget to celebrate all you receive.

The citrine glacce bottle is a limited edition release made using high quality natural citrine.


+ glass & stainless steel

+ removable quartz crystal display

+ bottle sleeve

+ one-of-a-kind crystal; color and size may vary.

technical details

+ holds approximately 18 oz (depending on crystal size)

+ total weight approx. 1lb

+ fragile - handle with care

+ intended for water only - preferably filtered  


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Citrine Bottle
Citrine Bottle
Citrine Bottle